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Cameron Ruppert Interiors

When you think about hamlets of great interior design, Washington DC probably does not come to mind. It’s easy to picture really traditional...READ MORE

Digs Design, Newport Rhode, Island

Digs Design Company is a full-service interior design firm based in Newport, Rhode Island.  Lead by Jocelyn Chiappone, and with projects all over...READ MORE

Grapevine Interiors

If there was anyone to ever make oomph look good, I mean REALLY good, it's the design team from Grapevine Interiors. We've been...READ MORE

Lindsay MacRae Interiors & oomph

  (Fairfield Coffee Table) Designer Lindsay MacRae has quietly been accumulating quite a lot of oomph over the past few years. She has...READ MORE

Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder is probably one of the most interesting design talents working today. Here incredible use of color to create outstanding spaces layered with...READ MORE

Nina Campell Creates The Têté a Trois

Every time we get on a plane to the London, every time we meet for lunch in NYC, ever time she walks through...READ MORE

Meg Braff

Since opening her own firm in 1994, Meg Braff has created some of the most vibrant, swoon-worthy, highly pinned interiors, not to mention...READ MORE

Cullman & Kravis and oomph Working Together

  We will be the first to admit it . . . we are ALWAYS excited when top design firm, Cullman & Kravis...READ MORE

Mark D. Sikes

Certainly one of the most talked about and visible designers on Social Media, is Los Angeles based designer, Mark D. Sikes. We have...READ MORE

High-End Chic Designer Amanda Lindroth

It's no secret Amanda Lindroth is one of our favorite designers to collaborate with. From beach chic in the Bahamas, to high glam...READ MORE

Cathy Kincaid and oomph

  Cathy Kincaid has been a leader in Southern Design for more than 30 years. Abiding by a few simple rules, Cathy creates...READ MORE

McCann Design Group

  Palm Beach style has been documented and praised for decades. With it's own unique flair for color, architecture, tropical gardens, and big...READ MORE

Gary McBournie

We first met Gary McBournie in Lyford Cay, during one of our favorite Design Weekends. He was a panelist on the topic of...READ MORE