Amanda Nisbet Studio

Bold, Energetic, Sophisticated. Three words that lead the website where the portfolio of Amanda Nisbet Studio. And no truer three words have ever been used to describe the work of a designer. 

For over two decades, Amanda and her team have been setting the bar for great design over and over again. 

From formal homes to family homes, no detail is overlooked for its form and function. Her ability to take bold colors and transform them into a neutral base is second to none. Layer upon layer of texture, color, and pattern is expertly administered to highlight client art collections, family heirlooms, and living style. The rooms are alive with color and beauty, yet nothing so intimidating that it doesn't ask to be left alone. 

Amanda's trained eye began during a career at Christie's Auction house where she was formally trained in fine art. From there, her love of art and interiors blossomed into a design business with fearless projects. 

A published author and widely featured in national and regional, her beautiful work can be seen and enjoyed throughout her website as well. We've picked a few of our favorite room here, including some with a little oomph! 

(Rowayton Coffee Table)

(Tini II Table)

Amanda Nisbet Warm Color Designed Living Room