Cameron Ruppert Interiors

When you think about hamlets of great interior design, Washington DC probably does not come to mind. It’s easy to picture really traditional rooms, heavy colors and fabrics, and little to no bold moves. Old stuff, dusty stuff, pearls and practical shoes.

Enter Cameron Ruppert Interiors. She is shaking up Washington DC one home at a time with youthful vibrancy, high impact rooms, and turned the traditional into bold, but comfortable, family homes. Not to mention a wardrobe to match!

A quick peek through Cameron’s ever-growing portfolio and you will quickly see her un-apologetic love for color and pushing boundaries with pattern and color. With every project unique from the next, Cameron choses design details that are customized to each client. No two people are the same, therefor no two projects are the same. Cameron makes sure every client she works with understands and trusts her creative approach, so that she is free to design “with abandon.” For the most impactful results – she likes to start from scratch. “It's with this foundation that we're truly able to create spaces that have depth and custom touches from room to room.”


From floors to cabinet hardware, bedroom sheets to art for the walls, Cameron’s eye is completely honed in on including the best details and products for her client’s homes. Every moment is very purposeful and comes together like visual magic from mood board to final install.


We love working with Cameron for so many reasons. Her bold color choices for one. But also her incredibly talent for bringing so many different styles together in one room, let along one house! Antiques from all eras mix with modern art; leopard prints and block prints; wallpaper that covers every inch of the space. And when an oomph design finds it’s way into her project – we look right at home! As Cameron’s talent and projects spread across the Country, we can’t wait to see what she does next!!


To see more of Cameron’s work – visit her website or follow her on Instagram.