Chauncy Boothby Photo Tour

“Turning a house into a home is not actually as easy as it seems and, at times, it can feel downright overwhelming." - Chauncey Boothby

And for Connecticut based designer, Chauncey Boothby, her ultimate goal is to design a home around a family that not only feels fresh and new, but like it's always been . . . well, a home!

Chauncey's own home, photography by Read McKendree

(Chauncey's own home, Read McKendree)

We love Chauncey for her classic New England style. It's no surprise she cut her design teeth with some of them best - David Easton, Charlottes Moss, Ashley Whittaker, to name a few. With a resume like that, you can be sure there is no corner cut when it comes to beautiful color theory, luxurious upholstery, and a few unexpected details to keep you on your toes!

(oomph Fairfield Coffee Table, photography by Read McKendree)

But her portfolio extends beyond our Northeast shores to plenty of projects in California, Montana, and more. Since establishing her firm in 2015, her work has been featured in House Beautiful, New England Home, Domino, and the Wall Street Journal. 

In one of her more recent published works, Chauncey collaborated with our very own Louise Brooks of Brooks & Falotico Architecture in a gambrel style house in Maine. 

(Brooks & Falotico Architect, photo by Read McKendree)

The home is a beautiful seaside escape that brings the term "Beach House" to a whole new level. Let's start with the kitchen . . . . 

(seafoam green with envy! photo by Read Mckendree)

We can move onto the bunk room next . . . 

(A dream come true. Photo by Read McKendree)

And a home office that is surprisingly modern . . . .

(Just because you're at the beach, doesn't mean every room has to feel that way. Photo by Read McKendree)

(oomph Wave Headboard)

Chauncey is also know for her elaborate spaces for children. And childish they are not. 

(Photos by Read McKendree)

(oomph Easton Vanity in Peale Green, Photo by Read McKendree)

And your home certainly no longer stops at the door. Chauncey creates magnificent outdoor spaces that not only are an extension of the home but some of the most lovely moments of the home. 

(Photo by Read McKendree)

(Photo by Read McKendree)


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