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Grapevine Interiors

If there was anyone to ever make oomph look good, I mean REALLY good, it's the design team from Grapevine Interiors. We've been posting and publishing their images since we first started working with them way back in 2014. Their images are identifiable by their signature red, white, and blue palette accented with bright bolts of color across the canvases of antique New England homes. 

They must have a degree in photography (and steaming!) because the images are flawless EVERY TIME. 

Grapevine's clean aesthetic is anything but boring. We love (and so do our instagram followers) how Louisa and Tris tie in nautical details like porthole mirrors, deck lights, and varnished teak into everyday living. They bring out the very best in every funky detail an old house has to offer and bring out unforeseen character in an otherwise sleepy new build. 

Sticking with a true to yourself color palette keeps the scene fresh and youthful, and it's a signature look we can totally get behind. 

From upholstery to lighting, custom coffee tables to outdoor planters, Louisa and Tris have utilized every category oomph has to offer. 

Grapevine Interiors is a full service design firm led by Tris Nuland and Louisa Smith.  The firm was founded in 1991 and has completed a variety of residential and commercial projects. Louisa joined the firm in the 2016 with the same "traditional but fresh" aesthetic. Tris and Louisa love mixing traditional and modern styles and creating interiors that are personal and wear well with active families.  

"We love a good mix of old and new and the new often includes lots of pops of color."