Ceiling Fans

What can we say – at oomph, we’re a fan of Big Ass Fans. In order to bring our vision of truly extraordinary high-end ceiling fans to life, it only made sense to partner with the best. That’s when this innovative and industry-leading partnership came to fruition.

If the words “extraordinary” and “ceiling fan” seem incongruous, you don’t know oomph. Formed with the aim of helping people transform their living spaces – and their lives – with truly extraordinary bespoke design furniture, we love all things color, shape, and style. While ceiling fans represented new and unfamiliar territory for us, we’ve never shied away from a challenge before and we weren’t about to start now.

We couldn’t be prouder of the final product: An exclusive collection of stunning lacquered fans. In addition to being gorgeous, these painted ceiling fans feature ingenious engineering courtesy of our brilliant and talented friends at Big Ass Fans.

Say goodbye to white noise and hello to our colorful collection of high-end custom ceiling fans, because oomph fans are not only “smart,” but they’re also completely silent. While ceiling fans are often noisy and visually unappealing, oomph ceiling fans take a different position with their rare and formidable fusion of form and function. Together with our lantern ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces, these smart fans round out our exquisite oomph home lighting collection.

If you’re looking to liven up your home interior while also improving comfort levels, oomph ceiling fans make for seriously cool living spaces – in more ways than one. Thanks to its sleek shape and clean aesthetic, our hip Haiku Fan is guaranteed to become a conversation piece in your home.