Mark D. Sikes

Certainly one of the most talked about and visible designers on Social Media, is Los Angeles based designer, Mark D. Sikes. We have been fortunate to collaborate with Mark on several projects, and, even more exciting, he has collaborated with us on a GORGEOUS new mirror to commemorate our 10 Year Anniversary. 

Blue and white has become a hallmark of Mark's signature style, layering shades, patterns and textures of the two colors to create rooms and homes that are timeless as they are fresh and au currant. His rooms seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, a very Californian concept that we yearn for on the East Coast. And although the thought of blue and white can seem very basic, one look at his portfolio will show the range to which Mark has pushed the color combination to bring it to the absolute next level of design. However, don't be fooled, Mark can work his magic with a palette of greens and brilliant reds!

His flawless style and eye for all things beautiful has led to numerous collaborations and a collection of women's clothing; elegant, youthful, and the true embodiment of cool California style. 

Our collaboration with Mark is no exception. The mirror was inspired by the pediments over doorways in traditional American architecture. “It adds a great architectural element to a room and has a lot of subtle drama, structure and presence.”  

Mark says, "I wanted to collaborate with Oomph because I love their products and the people who work there. Everyone at Oomph is so fun, delightful and supportive. As a designer, I love that you can customize their products. The versatility and ability to make it your own really sets their brand apart.

Mark's latest beautiful work can be seen in Veranda this month! 

The Georgetown Mirror

detail of the Georgetown Mirror