Cullman & Kravis and oomph Working Together


We will be the first to admit it . . . we are ALWAYS excited when top design firm, Cullman & Kravis comes calling at oomph. Humbled as we are, seeing an oomph design come alive in one of the firm's exquisite projects, never gets old. 

That's why we were so delighted when the firm designed one of their custom tables for our 10 Year Anniversary Collection. The Park Avenue Side Table spares no luxury. Our signature back painted glass surface and custom brass "bracelets" make this table truly exquisite. The table is sized perfect to accompany any chair or sofa. 

Located in New York City, Cullman & Kravis has been setting the bar for over 30 years in the world of interior design. Using antiques of all periods alongside modern artworks, custom furniture, and exceptional textiles ensures that no two projects are ever the same.

Cullman & Kravis layers textures and materials to stay true to their trademark of redefining the traditional interior. Homes are designed with intense attention to detail for a flawless finish; a home that is a collaboration of the homeowner's personality and Cullman & Kravis's beautiful aesthetic.


Cullman & Kravis, led by the fearless Ellie Cullman, just released their third book, From Classic to Contemporaryand we were very pleased to see several of our custom creations come to life on the pages of this beautiful book. 

From New York to Hawaii, Cullman & Kravis is truly one of the finest design firms today and we can't wait to see what they will show us next!

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