Nina Campell Creates The Têté a Trois

Every time we get on a plane to the London, every time we meet for lunch in NYC, ever time she walks through our doors at the Greenwich shop, we pinch ourselves that we are a part of Nina Campbell's world. 

Nina Campbell is one of the world’s most respected and influential interior designers. Her list of clients and design expertise is unparalleled. Renowned for her contagious wit and brilliant sense of style, her designs appeal to both young and old and sit well in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

But even Nina Campbell needs a little oomph!

Four years ago we embarked on a collaborative journey that would not only living to an ever-growing furniture collection, but combined showrooms in London's Design District. 

It is only fitting, that for our 10 Year Anniversary, we would create on our brands most unique designs for the year-long event. 

As a nod to the art of a great conversation, Nina designed what we call the Têté a Trois! It's been an instant hit since it's debut in the New York City showroom this summer and then again at it's UK launch in September. No one can resist taking a seat with their besties, or leaning in a little closer to share a little industry gossip!

Next week, it heads to a newly completed shoe store in New York's SOHO, where it will be a whole new group of style setters - the fashion set!