To create a truly unique environment, every room in your home needs a little oomph. We’ve got you covered with an extensive selection of customizable luxury furniture for all of your spaces, including bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, living rooms, kitchen and dining, and beyond. 

Why settle for anything less than remarkable when you can transform your home with one-of-a-kind furniture? 

Furniture for Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Bedrooms are restful retreats from the demands of every day — shouldn’t yours speak directly to you? 

oomph beds, chests, benches, nightstands, mirrors, side tables, lamps, and other bedroom furniture and accessories are available in a sublime selection of styles, shapes, and shades. From tranquil tones of sea and sky to invigorating bolds and brights, our custom high-end furniture lets you create your perfect sanctuary.

Your bathroom deserves to be your own little getaway as well. oomph’s exquisite assortment of vanities, tables, étagères, mirrors, chairs, and lighting insists that bathrooms deserve to have some fun, too. Happy colors, playful silhouettes, and meticulous design accents are just a few of the features that help banish the blahs and make oomph bathroom furniture a must-have for the modern home. 

Living Rooms

Living rooms play host to various activities, including cherished gatherings of friends, fun family game nights, and leisurely afternoons at home. In addition to being comfortable and welcoming, these multipurpose meccas should also reflect your taste and style. 

oomph’s consummate collection of coffee tables, sofas, side tables, chairs, drink carts, ottomans, console tables, lighting, and other designer furniture for the living room are the key to creating truly inviting and expressive environments. 

Kitchen & Dining

While the kitchen is the beating heart of your home, your dining room is its soul. After all, it is around dining room tables that people nourish both their bodies and their spirits with food, conversation, and the company of people they hold dearest. 

Is your kitchen and dining room furniture up to the task? Our dining tables, chairs, consoles, mirrors, settees, and lighting redefine contemporary living with bold colors, shapely silhouettes, and unexpected detailing. This is not your grandmother’s dining room furniture. Unless she was iconically chic and endlessly fabulous, that is — in which case it absolutely is. 

Make a Statement Entryways

While entryways are often an afterthought for homeowners, this is a missed opportunity to make an unforgettable first impression. 

Entryways offer guests an early hint of what to expect from your home. Our consoles, mirrors, lighting, benches, and other statement-making entryway furniture are all about helping you wow from the second a visitor steps into your home. We can think of no better way to take your entryway from dull to dazzling than with our customizable high-end furniture. 

Furniture for Every Room in Your Home

Whether you’re searching for the perfect platform bed, a custom console table, or other impeccable piece of furniture for your home decor, you’ll find it at oomph. It’s our mission to help people live better, fuller, and more meaningful lives through innovative and versatile home decor. Anything but cookie-cutter, our bespoke furniture is an articulation of who you are and how you want to live. 

At oomph, we know that while furniture must be useful, it can also be much more. To learn about our custom furniture, visit one of our showrooms, contact us today! We can’t wait for you to discover all that a little oomph has to offer.