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What's my Line?

Most of you are not old enough to remember the iconic TV show "What's my Line?" that ran from 1950 - 1967. That was back when we got 3 TV stations and all were in black and white. The picture tube was 12" across and your "TV set" was the size of a refrigerator. The networks turned on at 8 AM and off at midnight and in between hours there was nothing but static. Those were the days.

Enough history! Connecticut Cottages and Gardens had a quiz show of their own in this month's issue. They lined up some pretty heady designers on one side of the page and then put one of the designer's products on the opposite page to match-up with the designer's face. oomph partner Louise Brooks was one of the celebrities as was our Fairfield Coffee Table! (We got at least that answer right.) She was in pretty swell company on that page, oomph table and all.