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Tips on Luxury Interiors

We love exploring the world of luxury interiors because it reminds us that luxury is not something that can always be bought or replicated. Often when someone hears the world “Luxury” they automatically think extravagance. But actually, what makes an interior luxury Interior Design is originality, aesthetics and the quality of every accent in a room.

If you have the luxury of floor to ceiling windows, or an open floor plan, then you are already living in what many consider as a luxury space. Interior Designers are always looking for design styles that bring the outdoors, indoors.  If your space doesn’t allow a lot of natural sunlight, that’s ok because in the past few years especially, the world of interior design has put an emphasis on the beauty of light fixtures. A trend that we are loving (and seeing more of) in luxury homes is the mixing of traditional interiors with contemporary lighting. A statement lantern in the center of a kitchen, or pair of sconces with a brass accent in a reading nook or child’s bedroom can make a tired space look finished and formal.

A living room filled with luxury living room furniture and a large window with luxury outdoor furniture.

Amazing indoor/outdoor living space Lynn Morgan Design


Elegant dining room furniture with a luxury dining room table, and a lighting lantern.

statement light fixture

High end kids furniture in a luxurious bedroom.

Great Art and Light Fixtures 


Upscale, luxury interior design trends always include a color scheme, whether it’s in busy wallpaper or just a pop surrounded by neutral décor, its often a high-quality statement to catch the eye immediately. Recently, a focus of luxury homes is the kitchen. The current trend of white-washed cabinets, light counter tops and simple hardware gives a clean look we all want for our kitchens. However, this isn’t the only way to maintain a luxe look! Don’t be afraid to paint your cabinets a deep navy, and match two lanterns over the center island. The dark finishes will keep the upscale appearance of the furniture while also being authentic. If you aren’t ready to commit to colorful cabinets, don’t be afraid to put color somewhere else! Match a Rainwashed tray on the counter with another part of the room. Our Savannah X Base complimented with a glass top is the perfect way to make your high end kitchen table look chic!

A dining room with an elegant dining table and high end lighting.

How about Yellow?

A dining room filled with elegant dining room furniture and a large window.

Really Luxe breakfast space by Dunbar Road Interiors

Nothing makes a space feel more luxurious than originality and a one of a kind piece. Whether it’s an antique high end coffee table that’s been in your family for generations, or a luxury dining room table from a Grandparents home, hold onto it! These personal pieces are the epitome of luxury. They are often high quality, long lasting and irreplaceable. Your home is your space, and nothing is more luxurious than having a piece of your family as a statement piece in the room!

Elegant living room furniture with a modern aesthetic.

Nanna's High Boy (we're guessing) Sarah Bartholomew Design