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How To Add The Perfect Pop of Color In Your Most Used Room

  • How to add a pop of color to your family room:


Elena Philips Interiors

You love your family room, but it’s missing something. Don’t be scared to add a pop of color! Whether it’s little touches throughout a room or a statement piece, todays Interior Designers encourage us to embrace adding color to our personal spaces. Being a place for everyone to come together in, the Family Room is often the heart of a home. So how can you give it it’s own personality while also maintaining a fresh, clean look? From the last 10 years of working with Interior Designers and their clients, we have an idea or two about different ways to include a pop of color to your Family Room!


Kate Smith Interior Design

If you love the clean look of neutral upholstered furniture for your family room, don’t be afraid to add the pop of color elsewhere. Create a reoccurring single color accent throughout the space. Match a light blue etagere with a pair of side tables, or a ceiling fan with a console across the room. Neutrals will always be in style, but adding the touch of a single accent color to a beige or white space will bring the room together while maintaining a warm (yet still clean) look.


Light it up! There are many different Interior Design approaches for subtly adding color to a space. One of which is using the light fixtures in your home not only for functionality, but also for décor. A Navy Blue lantern can give a cozier feel to a tall room, while bright colored sconces can help fill an empty wall. A pastel glaze on a table lamp, maybe topped with a patterned shade, is great way to bring an unexpected, yet subtle, pop of color into an already existing color scheme as well.


Melissa Haynes Interior Design

Make a statement. Whether it’s a coffee table in the middle of the room, or a game table in the corner, find your statement piece and make it pop. Then, accessorize the room with vases, throw blankets or picture frames to compliment the statement piece but without stealing the show!



Lynn Morgan Design