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Home Improvement Myths


Whether it’s the entire first floor or just one room, home remodeling is no small task. Along with many great home improvement tips you might hear, there are also a number of home improvement design myths that could set your project back, or result in a project you aren’t fully satisfied with. So, let’s debunk some of these home improvement myths, together.

One of the most common myths one might hear while remodeling their home is “trendy is always best”. Yes, current trends will always play a part in your design decisions, but don’t lose sight on your own sense of style. If you love color, don’t fall for the white-washed wall and furniture just because everyone else is doing it! If you want to meet a love for color and a neutral schemed trend in the middle, a pop of color in a coffee table, console or light fixture is always a great, subtle way to get the best of both looks.

Henry & Co keeps a pretty neutral color palette, but the result is anything but washed out

            “DIY is always a great way to save money!” No, it is not. In fact, doing something yourself can often lead to a very expensive mistake. For example, If you know how to install your own light fixtures, that’s great. But before getting started, ask yourself, “Do I REALLY know how to install this correctly?”. It isn’t that you shouldn’t be confident, but doing it yourself, and incorrectly can often lead to issues like popping breakers or sparking out outlets. Both very mistakes and could effect a beautiful lantern meant for the front hall of your new home!

Vanities are another piece that should never be installed "DIY"-style

Another home improvement myth that might come disguised as a “tip” is that expensive materials add value to your home. Consistency throughout all of the rooms is most important when it comes to appliances or furniture, and what to upgrade. Imported tiles in an entry way, and new stainless steel appliances in a kitchen won’t add any value to your home if the bathrooms and bedrooms are not also updated. If some certain rooms have been remodeled to a higher scale than others, your home could be viewed as a “work in progress” by buyers when you try to sell.

A little can go a long way for a bedroom upgrade (PS - that's what oomph is ALL ABOUT!) Cape project by Amanda Zorumski

Finally, A home improvement tip (not myth) that we always like to hear is that going green is almost always worth it! It is the gift that keeps on giving. One of our favorite oomph pieces is our fan custom colored Big Ass Fan collection. These fans are the perfect ceiling accent for a room that needs a little “oomph” and air circulation! These fans are silent, eco- friendly, and offer the pop of color every room could use! The “greener” option might be more expensive at first, but in the long run could end up saving your family money!


Literally, the coolest fans ever