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Play like Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit with oomph’s Chess Table

“Let’s play.”

We’re not giving away anything by revealing that we take these concluding words to Netflix’s latest smash hit, The Queen’s Gambit, as an invitation. Whether you’re a chess prodigy like Beth Harmon or you lean more toward a casual game of checkers, there’s no better time than now to embrace this ancient strategy board game – and there’s no more stylish way to do so than with the luxury chess table from oomph.

A Chess Champ with Impeccable Style

To say The Queen’s Gambit is a huge hit is an understatement. Upon its debut in October, the coming-of-age period drama not only became Netflix’s top-ranked show in 63 countries, but also claimed the distinction of being the streaming platform’s most-viewed “limited scripted series” ever.

Named for one of chess’s most popular moves, The Queen’s Gambit tells the coming-of-age story of Beth Harmon, who rises from her humble roots in an orphanage to conquer the competitive chess circuit – and take on World Chess Champion Soviet Vasily Borgov – all while struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, Harmon is a brilliant badass fuelled by a combination of ambition and tranquilizers.

In addition to boasting some serious brainpower on the show, Harmon is also noteworthy for her slick yet timeless style featuring perfectly placed pops of color. If you’re familiar with oomph, then you know the description of Harmon’s colorful wardrobe also applies to us.

A Modern Spin on a Classic Chess Table

While the words “chess game table” and “chic” may not typically be associated with each other, our oomph Chess Table puts a sleek spin on a game room go-to. While the chessboard design is inherently stylish thanks to its signature pattern of alternating squares, the oomph luxury Chess Table kicks it up a notch with the incorporation of bold lacquer, luxe leather, and exquisitely hand-carved chess pieces. Given its many allures, it’s hardly surprising that oomph’s Chess Table is one of our most unique and impressive offerings.

Looking for less of a cognitive investment? No worries. In addition to a full tournament size chess set reproduction of the one featured in the legendary 1972 World Chess Championship, the oomph Chess Table also comes with “men” for checkers. Meanwhile, to get even more out of this dazzling chess set table, toss on the practical yet polished Plexiglass Top.

Get in on the Boom

Between winter and the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, people are finding themselves at home more these days, which makes creating an appealing living space especially important. Designed to be transformational, our custom-made tables, chairs, lighting, and accessories are guaranteed to add a little “oomph” to any style interior – from contemporary to cutting-edge.

However, the best interiors aren’t just great to look at; they’re also liveable, which is what makes an oomph Chess Table or one of our other custom game tables an excellent addition to your game room, den, library, or other space. Our game tables don’t just elevate the appearance of your home; they also amplify opportunities for connecting with family and friends over chess, checkers, backgammon, cards, or lunch.

The buzz over The Queen’s Gambit has led to a skyrocketing interest in chess, in particular, with people all over the world discovering and rediscovering their love of the game. According to data shared by Netflix, searches for “chess sets” have spiked by 250 percent on eBay, while the number of new players at Chess.com has increased five times over.

International chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley told The Guardian of the fervor, “The frenzy around it is crazy...All of a sudden it’s an incredible awareness and excitement around the game and a lot of the same people are now taking up chess and starting to play. So it’s really had a pretty surprising, wonderful, electrifying effect on the fanbase, particularly of non-players.”

According to two-time US women’s chess champion Jennifer Shahade, who heads up women’s programming at the US Chess Federation, The Queen’s Gambit and the pandemic have created a “perfect storm” of interest in the game. “With a lot of people spending more time at home and indoors during the pandemic, at once giving them more time for chess and also creating a need for new hobbies and also introspection and a space where you can be totally absorbed in the 64 squares,” Shahade asserts.

While many people assume that chess is only for intellectuals with the time and inclination to learn the game, experts say chess is for everyone. Your takeaway? Even if you don’t know the difference between a rook and a king, it’s never too late to learn.

While Beth Harmon may not have been a real person, we know a kindred spirit when we see one – and her fierce attitude, dogged relentlessness, and distinctive style speak to everything we know and love here at oomph. In addition to the oomph Chess Table, we offer an assortment of elegant living room furniture and other pieces for modern living. Shop chic furniture and more at oomph furniture today.