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Channeling Coastal Vibes in Your Home

Despite a wild and harsh winter, summer is coming, just like it always does. Chances are, we’ll still be spending a lot of time at home again. So, let’s get down to business with some ideas on sprucing up your space for summer.


Summer house furniture or vacation house furniture in general, we like to think of as being a little more playful, lighter in spirit, and dare we say, more comfortable? At oomph, we don’t like to pigeon whole any one design or collection into one category, but if you are leaning towards a coastal vibe, we can point you in right direction. Coastal coffee tables, coastal accent chairs, coastal living room chairs are all under one roof on our oomphhome.com to delight and inspire.


What are coastal tables and coastal chairs? Let’s have a look . . .



Our selection of vacation and summer home offerings also extends to high-end outdoor furniture. What better a way to expand your livable footprint than to take your living space outdoors. Our collection of chic outdoor furniture is made of powder coated aluminum, which is rust-free and light weight. We even offer year-round covers to keep your pieces beautiful for years and years to come. Our beautiful outdoor furniture collection includes a coastal coffee table, tiny tables (or “on the rocks” as we like to call them), side tables, luxury console tables, and planters. Certainly an option if you are looking for beautiful and modern pool furniture.



Moving back indoors, let’s make an entrance with some of our high-end entry way furniture. Bespoke furniture is our specialty, but we also offer a wide range of high-end mirrors, and custom upholstery – have you ever seen a gossip chair? You need one.


But let’s be frank. You don’t need a summer house to get the vibes of one. A few simple pieces, like a great pair of navy side tables, or a Casablanca headboard, can totally drive all that great style home.