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Intentions and Resolutions for your Home in 2021

We've written a few ideas down for 2021. We live by these ideas, for the most part, screen time is a little challenging for sure. But we're all doing our best to make our homes happy, healthy, and a place we want to spend plenty of time. We love our home - it's time to give it the attention it deserves!

Go Bold With Color Wherever Possible
This is our mantra. It's why we started this crazy oomph business in the first place. Maybe you're testing the waters with a Tini Table or jumping straight in with a console. Either way, make it POP! 
You won't regret a great pair of lamps - ever! Light reflects from a glossy ceramic lamp from all angles, creating brightness and lightness and a full range of colors. Lamps this beautiful will last a lifetime. 
Don't settle for a basic bed frame. An upholstered bed is a thing of comfort and beauty. We can help you create a bed for your personal oasis, or any other bedroom. Try a footboard - it will help keep everything neat and tidy!
We know it's not easy. But as soon as someone yells, let's play a game - be sure you are ready!  Game tables are our thing. 
Because let's face it, everyone is just more comfortable that way. Our recently launched outdoor collection is nothing shy of a party. 
Your walls are just aching for some great art. Lucky for you, we've curated a range of original art from artists we love. Our walls in Greenwich are decked with the stuff, but you can look at all of it online too!
Pink Heart with Green Background Art
Buy Made in America Whenever Possible!
Buying chic furniture online does not need to be scary - read our tips here.
So Much NEW Is Coming This Year!!!!