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Custom Home Furniture [Made in America]

Made to order and made in America. Each and every piece of oomph that comes out of our Connecticut mill is custom made. We don't have warehouses stacked to the ceiling with identical tables. We don't have cargo ships crossing the sea, filled with containers of tables spit out from an assembly line. When you order an oomph piece, the table is made just for you and you alone. You select the style, you select the color, and you select a surface. When we get the order, the birth of your new table begins.

We carefully hand-sand and hand assemble each piece of your new oomph table. It's primed and then sanded again. The color is sprayed, not once, but in a four part process that makes our lacquer stand out from the pack. Each piece is guided by a skilled artisan - not a machine or assembly line - from start to completion. The final flourish is the oomph brand plate tacked proudly to the bottom of each piece - there is nothing like the genuine article. Your table is placed in a custom made box that delicately suspends and cradles it within so there is no rubbing or chaffing of the lacquer. Your new baby is checked once again, sealed and then sent on its way to its new home.