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Veranda Magazine's Favorite Pick...

Ok - Sometimes we just have to toot our own horn. Forgive us, but it still makes us giddy when we discover our most favorite magazine has given us a big thumb's up! Eugenia Santiesteban Soto, Style Director at Veranda Magazine is struggling to decide which oomph slipper chair is her absolute favorite. It's ok, Eugenia, we go back and forth on that dilemma ourselves!

One day we have to have two oomph scallop chairs with a contrast welt, the next we re-think and go back to the original oomph favorite natural raffia slipper. In fact, even our customer is unable to decide. Right now they are running neck and neck - we have almost identical numbers of orders for the two chairs every day. So who needs to decide? Take them both, they are small!