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An Argument for "Quiet Luxury"


As we all adjust to new norms and financial uncertainty, there is a shift in trends as vendors and consumers are forced to reflect on what it is that defines luxury.  In her article from Business of Fashion, “As Global Recession Looms, Quiet Luxury Returns”, Chantal Fernandez explains that in a time of looming financial crisis, more than ever are consumers investing in quality, sustainable products. Fernandez touches on the “growing preference for items that are made with better materials or demonstrable craftsmanship” and increasing interest in where the merchandise is made, materials, and the team behind a company name. 

Instead of a logo symbolizing luxury pieces, luxury is being quietly redefined based off of traits like transparency from the brand and the quality of their products. For oomph, it’s what is behind the beauty of each piece we create that represents who we are as a luxury brand, and how we value each of our clients.

Oomph will continue to evolve with the trends while maintaining the originality and exceptional craftsmanship in our products that we have always taken pride in. As consumer curiosity and brand loyalty become the driving forces behind trends in the design world, our team is as dedicated as ever to continue to put forth our American- Made, high quality products that define who we are as a brand.