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How To Find The Right Coffee Table

Finding the right coffee table can be a tricky thing.  In most rooms, it is the anchor of the space; the point at which every other piece of furniture is positioned around and therefore it has to be just right. There are so many variables when looking for the right coffee table:  What size? Who will be using it? Color? Finish? Style? It can be mind-blowing. When we started the oomph brand, not too many years ago, it was important to us to help manage some of these tough questions.  Our original concept and mission has not changed: simple elements of great design can totally transform any room. In other words, a custom made table can add ‘oomph’ to any nest. To help navigate the stress of choosing a coffee table, we've decided to provide some tips. Get the size right. "Bigger is always better," says Louise Brooks, oomph designer and partner.  If your room can accommodate a dramatic size, why not go for it!  oomph comes in all sizes! oomph new cannan02 Smaller spaces deserve oomph too! A glass surface can make a room feel larger and brighter. "Size and scale is everything. Be sure the table is close enough to comfortably reach a drink from every seat yet not too close that it is awkward to maneuver around." Says Amy Rice, oomph partner. home Don't Sacrifice on Design. oomph offers 13 different styles of coffee tables, 16 color options, and 8 surface options - but sometimes, it's just not enough.  Luckily, customization is no problem.  We hate to have people "settle" for a particular color or design when it's not exactly perfect for you and your home. This table was custom made for Lisa Benbow of Garnish Home . . . Garnish.facebook_1336286927   Below, a custom, extra large Harbour Island Coffee Table  made for Amanda Zorumski Interior Design. Harbor Island Coffee Table with Elegant Furniture Color can be good!! Don't shy away from doing something AWESOME. Admit it, you want people to be a little jealous of your pad.  So make it truly memorable and go BOLD (and in this case, Gambol Gold)!!!! Rowayton Coffeewp