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Guide to a Perfectly "Styled" Bar Cart

Bar carts are all the rage right now -- from last week's Wall Street Journal article, to the continuous Mad Men craze, to all those perfectly styled bar carts on Pinterest.  Bar carts are perfect for apartments, offices, and small spaces, and, when well stocked and styled, can be the life of a party!  Better yet, we made ours with wheels so the party can follow guests from room to room!

oomph Red Bar Cart with Ornate Glassware

There are a lot of "experts" out there when it comes to styling the perfect bar cart. But at oomph, we like to keep it simple.  Great liquor, beautiful barware, and good company.  It's always nice to have a specialty drink up your sleeve too!  Ours, of course, is the oomphtini - a Gimlet by other standards, but we've perfected it to exceptional heights:


oomph's bar

2 oz Citron Vodka (good stuff)

3/4 oz Rose's Lime Juice

Dash of Fresh Lime Juice

Combine in a shaker and shake vigorously with ice.  

Pour into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a twist. 

We can usually find a suitable occasion to mix one up.

Bar carts can take on any personality.  Styled with vintage crystal, monogrammed napkins, and rose wine, a bar cart can be perfectly feminine and elegant.  Sleek Silver accessories, leather ice buckets, and sky high martini glasses are more suitable for the gentleman.  Monogrammed napkins, sterling shakers, custom coasters, and drink garnishes are not to be overlooked when styling a bar cart - a little oomph for the drink!

We designed the oomph bar cart to be as versatile as the people that buy them.  We offer sixteen colors in high-gloss, lacquer - which adds to the "shine and sparkle" factor when paired with twinkling glasses and bottles!  It's small enough to fit just about anywhere, and large enough to hold everything you could possibly want to stock, including over-the-top garnishes.  A glass top shelf makes cleaning a snap! And, as fore-mentioned, our bar cart is on wheels!


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