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Fenwick Chart Table

The ultimate table for coastal living! With our Fenwick Chart table you can plot your next voyage over cocktails or educate children and guests about local waters. This beautiful table is nothing less than a conversation piece and is a must for any seaside home. Incorporating the design of the original Fenwick coffee table, the Fenwick Chart Table can be customized with any NOAA chart and in any of our 16 colors. We've charted tables all over the world including Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, Boston Harbor, Hawaii, Sweden, Bermuda, Bahamas, Florida, Cape Cod, Maine, Norway, Maryland, San Francisco, to name a few!!!  Where would you chose? Your home port? A recent vacation destination? Either way, this is a table that will invoke fond memories and maybe even a story or two!  

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A few other  uses for Nautical Charts that caught our attention!


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