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oomph Greenwich 3

Our most exciting new offering . . . ART. In April, we opened our showroom and store in Greenwich, CT. With the opening of our first permanent brick and mortar store, we found ourselves with substantial wall space! Amongst the oomph designs, we had peppered in a variety of beautiful home accessories, including cashmere throws, vintage barware, and exotic coral sculptures, all of which complimented our brand and "completed the look." Curating Art for our proud new space would be no different. With varying sizes, colors, and mediums abound, what we chose had to work with the oomph vibe - a cool color palette, fun (but confident), original, and priced with our clients in mind. We had no concept of how people would react to the art and artists we chose to show. It all looked so beautiful on the walls of the showroom, hanging above our lacquered consoles and fine upholstery, we really didn't care if someone wanted it. We loved it all!

oomph Greenwich 7

Our first acquisitions included contemporary and botanical works from Daphne Chapin, Antique Signal flags framed in shadow boxes, and Fine Art photography from Wendy Concannon, and intricate Sailor Valentines from a local artist, all of which worked in synergy with the showroom. Within 2 weeks, almost all of it was gone.

Navy Costal Inspired Art Piece Antique Signal Flags

It turns out — people were hungry for access to great art! Shopping with confidence with the oomph brand, our clients were excited about our art and artists and claimed "it's just what I've been looking for." Something with major impact, that didn't require a trip to an intimidating gallery (or intimidating gallery prices!)

ArhipelagoDaphneChapin GREEN I MorningGloriesand PurpleBerriesDaphneChapin orange unspecified

Fast forward a few months, and working with our great artists, we decided to add our entire Greenwich Art collection, as well as some additional pieces, to our website. Now, everyone can be their own curator and indulge their inner collector. (We recommend a little oomph pieces to go with it!) If you have an instagram account, you no doubt have seen the work of Gray Malin. Gray's specialty is photographing all your favorite destinations from a helicopter, yes, helicopter. From the Amalfi Coast to St. Bart's, Africa to Aspen - he's covered it all and then some. We were pleased to be one of his first partner's to showcase his latest collection of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

jetties-beach_-nantucket_1 black-lab_-martha_s-vineyard Aspen_Skiiers_Vertical__3 Aspen_Lone_Skiier_4

On September 9th, we welcome Gray for a Book signing at our Greenwich Showroom - but if you can't wait until then - see our Gray Malin collection, and everything else! online.