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Scallop Shell

The Scalloped edge. It's not a unique design in any way. It's seen on everything from bed linens to bathing suits, beach umbrellas to shoes.  The standard, symmetrical wave is instantly recognizable and one of our favorite designs to manipulate at oomph! We like to think we've infused a little something "extra" into the standard scallop. At oomph, the scallop shows up in some of our most popular pieces - only proving the popularity and longevity of the design. In some cases, we've brought the design back to it's natural state - more reminiscent of an actual scallop shell. See for yourself!

Brown Nightstand Staged in a Kid's Bedroom Platform Bed_Le Touche_Head-On

The Wave Platform Bed and Headboard

Lyford Wing Chair 3

NEW! Lyford Wing Chair

Scallop Trim Chair

NEW! Scallop-hemmed Upholstered Slipper Chair


Scallop Slipper Chair

Shot10Easton Mirror

Easton Mirror

hr ls hobesound side paradise orange
Hobe Sound Side_tricornblack_whiteraffia

Hobe Sound Side Table

ls hobe sound coffee white tradhm

Hobe Sound Coffee Table

Brookhouse Design
Hobe Sound
Bolero Hobe Sound Sconce

Hobe Sound Lantern and Sconces

There's more to the scallop shell than meets a designer's eye. The scallop shell has a long history in this world:
  • Can be dated back to a prehistoric era
  • Is referenced many times in the Bible (a symbol of both Saint James and Saint Augustine)
  • Botticelli immortalized the shell in "Birth of Venus"
  • Proust's favorite cookie was the Madeline — the perfect, French, scallop-shaped pastry.
  • Visible on several royal coats of arms - heard of Princes William and Harry?
  • Can be seen on just about every door in Nantucket in the form of a brass knocker
  • And one of my most favorite varietals of scallop shell: The Verdura versionVerdura Scallop