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Tradition with a Twist: The Celestial Edition

Cambridge Pair

One of the terms used to describe our brand over and over is "traditional with a twist." Whether it's to describe the clean lines of our coffee tables, or the chippendale style Charleston Mirror, the high gloss coat of lacquer really does add a "twist" to beloved classics. This theory also rings true to one of our newer designs; the Cambridge Lights. The Cambridge collection, which includes two styles, is oomph’s version of the classic Armillary Sphere. We've all seen variations of this historical and scientific, navigational and celestial instrument. In fact, it's origins date back to 276BC in Ancient Greece. The armillary sphere has been a tried and true measure of longitude and latitude via the position of the stars, sun and moon. Its origins and use can be traced not only to Ancient Greece, but throughout China's history, ancient Islam, and straight through the European Renaissance.

Armillary Sphere that Inspired the Celestial Edition

The Armillary traditionally is a model of objects in the sky – the sun, earth, starts and showing longitudes and latitudes of important celestial bodies. What better an inspiration for a light than this ancient sphere. Although oomph's version lacks quite a bit of celestial details, the principle design of brass rings running through a central axis is there.

64-08-23-09_Armillary_Sphere_and_Unisphere x354-q80

Once lacquered and wired for beauty, it becomes the epitome of "tradition with a twist." We offer two distinct versions of the Cambridge light, one with a  dramatic bulb that hangs into center of this light, another with a three arm chandelier for a more classic look. Each is custom made to your color specifications and finish (brass or nickel).

Cambridge 1 Workshop Cambridge III_dove