McCann Design Group


Palm Beach style has been documented and praised for decades. With it's own unique flair for color, architecture, tropical gardens, and big personalities, Palm Beach is unlike any other coastal enclave. 

Palm Beach is also a destination for the ultimate shopper. With everything from the top European design houses to the best of vintage clothing, Palm Beach has some of the best shopping in the Country. Not to be missed, is HIVE. Our absolute favorite destination for all things home. All under one roof, Hive addresses every room in the House from custom upholstery, to the chicest items to style your shelves. And at the heart of it all, is McCann Design Group.  

McCann Design Group has been one of Palm Beach's leading design firms bringing homes to life not only in Palm Beach, but in Nantucket, Chicago, Colorado and Southampton as well. They strive to create lighter and brighter interiors inspired by the surrounding environment. The spaces they create are thoughtful and updated while staying true to unique characteristics that Palm Beach and South Florida offer.

With "light and bright" on the design menu, oomph has become a go to for the firm and merchandising HIVE to inspire potential clients. A favorite piece is the Easton Chest, our work horse of a case good, often seen in their projects in the brightest of colors. 



McCann Design Group's website is not to be missed. It's an endless source of inspiration and a peek inside some of South Florida's most beautiful properties. 

If you find yourself in the Palm Beaches, be sure to stop by the beautiful HIVE.

424 PALM ST.
FL 33401