Cathy Kincaid and oomph


Cathy Kincaid has been a leader in Southern Design for more than 30 years. Abiding by a few simple rules, Cathy creates inviting, livable spaces with her clients' happiness as top priority - Oh, and they happen to be exceptionally beautiful!!!!


Color is the Foundation
It's all in the Details
Layering is Essential
Comfort Above All
Lighting Sets the Tone
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Take Your Time, Relax

    But as simple as it all sounds, to create a home that is all of the above, takes major talent. Cathy's expertise to combine comfort and elegance remains unmatched which is why her work is coveted from London to Arizona, and everywhere in between. She has been featured in every major magazine, countless books, and has participated in numerous Showhouses throughout the South. 


    Cathy believes that every project should celebrate "the mix" -  "the old with the new, the ornate with the simple, the refined with the rustic. This approach expresses the personality of the client and charms their guests.”  

    Every meticulous detail is covered by Cathy and her team. From paint to electronics, landscape elements to architectural details, Cathy's is hands-on in every way. 

    We recently worked with Cathy on her team on several projects. We wanted to share a few shots with you - as a sneak peek at some great stories to come! To learn more about Cathy and her work - visit her website or your favorite shelter magazine!

    Stair Case with a Small Ornate Bench