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Tracking Tracker Home Decor . . .

It is nearly impossible to resist all the goodies at Tracker Home Decor in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. If it's for the home - they have it covered with unique and stylish home furnishings, elegant linens, and even the perfect hostess gift and stationery. Everything is beautifully edited and carefully selected so it's all special. They mix old with new, dressy with casual, and they do it with such style you'll want John and Helen to come over and do it just for you!

Browsing through room after room of wonderful home appointments tempts you to toss what you have and start from scratch all over again. Their pillows, many Lance Wovens, are stunning. The upholstery and tables are unique, and they have the most wonderful collection of lamps we have seen in a long time. Of course, like every stylish home furnishing store - there is some oomph there as well!

Tracker is on Pease's Point Road in Edgartown and is well worth a ferry ride from the mainland. Bring an empty station wagon - you are going to want to fill it up and maybe even ship a little home as well.