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Made in Connecticut...

This week's press piece reminds of something again that we sometimes take for granted. We make our tables in CONNECTICUT! Sounds crazy but it actually is great. We live near our mill and visit it several times a week to look at what is being produced and to make sure things are running smoothly. Almost every visit we see a new color and surface combination we had never seen before and even though there are only 16 colors and 8 surface options - people mix and match in different ways. Often we see something so stunning - we can't wait to make one for ourselves to show everyone else! For those of you who reside on the left coast or away from New England - let us give you a little Connecticut primer. Part of our little state is a bedroom community. No matter what you THINK it means, it actually means people commute to NYC. Now that we have cleared that up, there is still more to our state.  

Sure, we have a few tony spots that rival Beverly Hills in real estate prices - in fact several towns in Fairfield county do. There are also swanky spots in the Litchfield Hills where rolling farms and estates are inhabited by designers and movie stars. Yawn.  We have a coastline that has charming New England towns - many of which we have named our tables after.  We have farmland and cities. We have casinos and covered bridges. We have the ivied walls of Yale and some of the best prep schools in the country. We have ski slopes and Mystic Seaport, the best maritime museum in the world. We have the most delicious oysters in New England and a lobster  from Connecticut is rivaled only by one from Maine.

And of course we have little old oomph. Sounds like a pretty swell place to make tables, doesn't it?