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Our Space - Where The Magic on Main Street Happens

Welcome to oomph world headquarters! There have been lots of questions about what goes on beyond the oomph threshold. Well now, with our snazzy new door, it's pretty easy just to look in! We work in there and dream up the next great oomph idea. We also use the space as a trade showroom and invite designers and retailers to come visit to see the latest oomph creations.

We think it's a pretty great place to work, dream, and watch the world go by on Main Street. Designers and retailers often come for a visit when they are in the area. We love showing off our great space and talking about our favorite subject! We also like to hear what designers have to say and what they imagine the next great piece in the oomph line-up should be. We track the trends in fashion and design and travel out into the world for inspiration. that's code for call first - we may be out on a reconnaissance mission!