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Belle of the Ball . . .

The dust has settled after our success at the NYIGF. We have no doubt that our stunning backgammon table was the star of the Show. Everybody was in love with its gorgeous lacquer surface and inviting, tournament sized game board. Over and over, designers took a second look as they strolled by, stopped in their tracks, pivoted and returned to touch and ogle the table we featured in our handsome Club Navy.

Of course , once we explained that it was available in any of our fabulous 16 colors, we had them on the hook. We then told them it came complete with all the game pieces and was perfectly proportioned for Bitsy's itsy, witsy city apartment or Muffy's Mansion. We pretty much had them at the alter by then. Its fair to say that no oomph product has ever created such a stir  - unless its our famous `oomphtini - of course, shaken, not stirred.

Thank you, loyal oomph supporters! Stay tuned, we may surprise you again next Gift Show.