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The Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide...

Apparently, oomph is not alone when it comes to loving color and fashion. Queen Elizabeth has a strong view on it herself. There has been a lot of press surrounding Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee this week. Even her sense of fashion was a topic. The New York Times quoted Andrew Bolton, a curator at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Looking at Queen Elizabeth II, it would be easy enough to conclude that she lacks any interest in fashion. But that would be a mistake. She is not particularly interested in high fashion, but she is particular about clothes and interested in things that make her absolutely identifiable as queen.”

The Queen of England wearing a Pantone Color

Now we were pretty sure that she was not watching the runway at the latest Tom Ford fashion show but it never occured to us that she had such an affinity for color until Pantone pointed it out. "The Queen’s decision to favour one colour in every outfit is a strong style statement," notes Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the color authority the Pantone Colour Institute. "Monochromatic colour schemes make the wearer appear taller, delivering a more stately air – perfect given that Queen  Elizabeth is not tall at 5'4. Choosing one colour theme also ensures the outfit does not detract attention from the wearer – which is particularly important if you’re the Queen." So what did Pantone, the authority on pure color, decide to do with this information? They marked the six decades of keen queenly interest in color with a limited edition color guide of her most memorable color-coordinated choices, complete with Pantone Color references and the date and location where each outfit appeared.

It's a fun and an accurate guide to the Queen's reign through the last 60 years. The Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide - the experts at Pantone have it covered.