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A Colorful Journey through the Canal...

We never stop seeking inspiration for color. It's everywhere as our little Kuna friend displays with her parrot and our "Montecito" cutting from the oomph pillow work-room. Louise travelled to Panama and  during her trip she distributed squares of our pillow fabrics to the Kunas, an indigenous people, about 50,000 strong, that live on the San Blas islands off the coast. They live as they have for centuries in villages without any  of today's necessities like running water and electricity. Their culture is very much like our own native Americans with an elder that is both the political and spiritual leader of the tribe. They pass down their history , legends, and laws in stories and songs told and translated by the tribesman. It's a simple life with fishing and coconuts bartered and the trading of molas, a colorful textile art form made with the techniques of appliqué and reverse appliqué.

Traditionally, Kuna families are matrilinear. What is that, you ask? The bridegroom becomes part of the bride's family and after marriage, the groom takes the last name of the bride. I wonder how that would fly in our culture?

The Kuna now have some fun new textiles to work with - Quadrille be proud - and we have some wonderful pictures and memories to share with all our friends. We love to leave behind a little bit of oomph wherever we go!