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Sweet smell of success...

Everybody seems to have a signature home fragrance collection so we thought it was about time we got aboard. Our new candles come in three delicate fragrances that take their names directly from our definition.

oomph: noun, pronunciation: \’um(p)f\personal charm or magnetism, glamour, sex appeal, punch, vitality.

Charm is a fragrance that reminds us of gardenias. Not an overpowering scent, but a distant garden.

Glamour is reminiscent of miniature french lilacs. Spring is in the air!

Finally we have Vitality, a clean citrus scent that cleanses the air and revitalizes the senses.


The boxes are beautiful and the candle is housed in a generously sized, white back-painted glass votive cylinder.

The hard part is deciding which one is going to be your signature home fragrance!

Three oomph Signature Fragrance Candles