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School @ Home / Work From Home Edit

Here we are again.

Or maybe you never left. Few people have actually gone back to their offices to work, those who have are still somewhat displaced from whence they came. 

And then there is school. All home-school, half in half out, all in (for now.) It's hard to know what to expect from week to week, let along day to day. 

Since March, we've been helping homes adapt to these changes, upgrade their working spaces, add desks to children's rooms and family rooms. With chic furniture like high end desks, desk chairs, and tables in all sorts of sizes and colors, we have been able to accommodate all kinds of work from home scenarios with all types of luxury home office furniture. Our array of high-end home office furniture and designer desks, are perfect solution when you are looking for office furniture for small spaces - or large! Maybe you're even an empty nester and hoping to turn an empty bedroom into that home office you've always dreamed of. Look no further. We have it all under one roof. 


(The room that does it all - Your Bedroom- Navy Desk - Chelsea)

(The Easton Secretary Desk works just as well in a bedroom as it does in your home-office. We offer plexi for all our game tables - that easily turn the family game table into another work surface.)


(The Southport Game Table is another multi-tasking table - Desk to Dinner)


(Parakeet Green Chelsea Desk - make your work space happy too! Love this desk? Try an orange desk!)

(And don't forget a luxury desk chair - Chelsea Desk Chair)

In addition to customizing desks and tables for home work and work at home, we've been helping clients update lighting, refresh living and family rooms, and so much more. This spring our homes took a serious beating and maybe it's time to refresh some much loved pieces in high traffic areas. 

And for those areas - you want something durable. Our Malibu Collection, Savannah Tables, and Driftwood Collections are perfect for those rooms. All durable, feet-on-table ready, and easy to take care of. 

(Savannah Tables have 100 Sheen that makes the surface durable and really great for high traffic areas)

(Malibu Wrapped Coffee Table comes in 22 colors and "natural" and is a durable family room option.)

(Another view of the Malibu)

(Driftwood - we love this for family spaces - cerused oak - basically bullet proof)



NOTES: The Cover image show the Easton Secretary Desk, Navy Secretary Desk show with Orange Interior