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Peacock Blue Is The Color Of The Season

651f753be68a2a06e3c7c0a334698995 We have been observing a trend in color that has captured our attention. As the weather cools and the summer fades, we have found that a rich peacock blue has popped up everywhere - in fashion, paint, fabric - EVERYWHERE! 468e7c644b8b6d1e3be0d1ff8a544bb9  1789149b397de6cf6705b5ad1dd22306   0ebb8a35706bf82838c9d7e9ad73ef13 We love this blue-green shade that works beautifully with various hues - from caramel to Hermes orange, creams to gorgeous reds. Its a color that looks at home in a Ralph Lauren "to-the-manor-born" room richly layered with oriental rugs, silver, and velvets to the slickest lacquered Manhattan entry gleaming with lucite and brass.



3f6b841b91a0e18697e789804ad7b9bf We are loving it in every shade from the softest hues of this beautiful green-blue, to the deepest jewel tones the color has to offer. We are so enamored, we may have to try it in our own line of colors next round. But until we do - why not paint a room this rich hue and add a little oomph to compliment it in the form of a raffia slipper chair and a Gambol Gold table? We think it's an outstanding backdrop to our Bolero, Fawn Brindle, Creme, Foothills, and Knockout Orange - all would look grand.

Miles Redd (Danielle Rollins home), March 2012



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