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I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully

"I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully. . . "  Instead of huddling into a kitchen or a corner for a "private" conversation, why not keep it a little more comfortable and glamorous? Meet the Gossip Chair.

f gossip chair_1000_2 One of our original upholstery pieces, this adorable and unique chair is two great seats in one! Perfect for lounging, exceptionally comfortable while throwing over a casual arm, and ideal for dividing two seating areas.  We even suggest placing one in front of the fire for a charming place to warm your toes.

Redmond Aldrich Design

Redmond Aldrich Design[/caption] Apparently, back-to-back chairs are trending right now.  We've seen them in the most recent issue of House Beautiful, and one of our favorite designers, Redmond Aldrich, rarely has a project that doesn't include this fun piece.   House Beautiful October 2013 House Beautiful October 2013[/caption] Our Gossip Chair is available in 8 gorgeous linens or really personalize it with your own great fabric! Either way, it's a chair that all of your friends will be talking about! Linens