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Oscar's (oomph PR dog), Gift Guide

Oscar 2 As told to us by Oscar, oomph PR Dog: 'Tis the season for gift giving and thoughtful gestures of love and kindness. My breed hails from Tibet and I really love the snow and cold weather. So between Christmas and the frosty air, this is my favorite time of year. What's on my Christmas list this year?  The usual: gourmet treats, shampoo for blondes (tangle-free), tummy rubs, long walks, and car rides. But more importantly, here is what I am getting for all my loved ones at oomph. They are hard to shop for, but I'm pleased with my selections. Starting with my Christmas Cards from Mrs. Strong.   Holiday2013_card_Ilovechristmas_env For Louise, owner: Lou never leaves home without her ipad.  I found this beautiful iPad case from YSL!  I like Red, so I think that's the color I'll go with. YSL ipad   For Amy, owner: On special occasions, Amy lets me sleep on her bed. Sometimes I get so excited that I throw up.  I'm sorry. So for Christmas this year, I think I'll get Amy a new duvet cover . . .   dporthault   For Patty, owner: Patty takes most of the fabulous photographs of our beautiful designs.  She loves her camera, and I was totally excited when I found these camera accessories in Vogue! selby 1 sleby 2   For Jeff, Online Marketing Director:  Every day, Jeff gives me a little bit of his lunch or breakfast. Probably becuase I sit at his feet and growl at him until he does . . .I can't help it, I love food. So maybe, I'll invite myself over for dinner one night so he can cook for me!  I'm sure his new bride would LOVE to have me over. For Jeff this year, I'm getting him REALLY AWESOME STEAKS!

Very Large Piece of Raw Steak

For Katy, Director of Operations: I love Katy and Katy loves me.  She takes me for walks every day, without fail.  Up and down the streets of New Canaan, to the bank, to the park. Now that it's getting REALLY yucky out, I don't want our wonderful walks to stop.  So for Katy, I chose these adorable Wellies.

  wellies   For Whitney, Director of PR (and my mom): Something truly special, like these really awesome bracelets from Tiffany.  Maybe 2 or 3 to stack! I think she'll like them. Schlumberger   HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!