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New Year, New Furniture

We love parties. We don't always need a reason to pop a bottle of champagne - nothing is more pleasant than a glass with close friends at anytime of day just to celebrate being together. Of course, we like it in a crystal glass with a touch of caviar for a New Year's celebration. New Years has its traditions . . . Resolutions are another New Years's tradition. Many of us make them, most of us break them.  Here's one you should make and not break - "out with the old, in with the new"! Auld Lang Syne is for friends. Add a little oomph to your life - put pizzaz in your pad. Dump the old coffee table Nana gave you and replace it with a knockout lacquer one and pillows to match. Your room will look like it got the facelift you always wanted. Bored with those dowdy bedside tables you bought years back becuase the price was right? Put them out on the curb and upgrade to a pair of Charleston side tables in a great color to complement your linens. Who knows? It may snazz up more than just the decor in your bedroom!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is going to be the year of the new you.