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Happy Birthday!

Today We are 6!

new years It's hard to believe how far our brand has come in a few short years. In the beginning, it was just a couple of tables and pillows. Today we have a catalogue of over 125 unique pieces and are sold internationally. Our small company may be growing, and our goals for the brand may be BIG! We will still stay true to core values that our company has been built on: 1. We will continue to be made in America. It's important to you and it's important to us. We've brought together some of the very best in their field. Craftspeople that have devoted their lives to creating the best furniture possible, right here in America (mostly New England!) Having our factories in our back yard, allows 2. Customer Service is REALLY important When you call, we answer. It's as simple as that. 3. We will continue to create products you want. We want your input! If you have an idea for oomph - several of custom items have made their way into our permanent collection. Could your bespoke design be the next? But we don't want to put that pressure on our clients. We're always innovating. At least twice a year we will introduce new products, for hopefully what the market is craving. 4. Bespoke is our specialty. Bespoke is what we do best. 'One of a kind' will never go out of style. Ever. We are one of the few manufacturers that can bring your idea to life. Size, color, and design is no obstacle. "One of a kind' is just an email/phone call away! 5. Our Website is the best place to see oomph The website is still the best place to see everything new at oomph. It's also home to our weekly Sample Sale, profiles on designers, press, and all other brand news! We are constantly updating it with fresh and inspiring photography, so check back often! Happy Year 6!

Brown Nightstand with Black Tassels