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Downton Abbey Homage...

The countdown begins to Sunday's season finale of Downton Abbey  - 2 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes at this writing. It appears that when the tape stops rolling Sunday night, the incredibly popular mini series will still be very much with us. 

For the Lord of  New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren, channeling "Downton Abbey" was a natural. As soon as the music from the TV show started up on the soundtrack, everyone watching the runway knew they were headed for the English countryside. All the classic Downton costumes were here -- jodhpur pants, smoking jackets, silk ascots, top hats and walking sticks. 

Ralph Lauren paid homage to Downton, “I have always loved the heritage and romance of England,” Mr. Lauren wrote. “My collection for Fall 2012 is about a modern glamour inspired by timeless character and refined elegance of an authentic way of living.”

Not to be out- Downtoned by Mr Lauren, we would like to have Highclere Castle consider a little oomph for their State Drawing Room. We have a piece we could "blow-up" to Downton scale  - our Newport Console. It would look smashing in there if we make it 18 feet long!