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Dark Days Ahead, Time to Invest in Lighting

Never underestimate the power (no pun intended) of great lighting. Any design professional worth their weight in wattage will spend as much time of the lighting plan for a home as they will for the design of a formal living room. And we’re not just talking about the chandelier in the entryway or the ceiling lights in the kitchen. We’re talking everything- dimmers in the bedroom, picture lights, the breakfast nook, and every space in between (indoor and out!)


Home lighting has also never had so many choices – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re here to make a few of those choices a little less stressful. Oomph Home furnishings lighting is made to order in our beautiful, multi-generational, family-run, workroom in rural New England. Expert craftsmen have mastered the art of creating exceptional light fixtures that illuminate in all the right places.


Lighting lanterns are some of our most popular styles. In Large and Extra Large, our hanging fixtures are ideal in the kitchen, entry hall, great room and even your outdoor living area! Yes – they are suitable for outdoor use. Each of these lanterns is made from solid brass, then painted to a beautiful, gleaming finish. The Navy light fixtures are some of our client’s absolute favorites, but we think these beauties are fabulous in just about every color. Always add a dimmer for mood-lighting!



Sconces are the home lighting work horses. To level up, we designed ours with a reflective, polished nickel back, to add sparkle and dimension to an already beautiful piece. Offered in 22 colors, and of course custom too, our collection of sconces are rated for indoor and outdoor

Need a bit of inspiration, how about a series of bright orange sconces on the outer porches of this beautiful home!



Or custom color down an interior hallway . . .



Let oomph Home Furniture be your starting point for home lighting and so much more!

As an added perk to your lighting plan, we've added Picture lights to our website. Rechargeable and wireless - easy to use, because we all need that!


Don’t forget to check out our high-end fan collection, also with available lighting accessories.