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Colors from the Island...

The Bahamas is a colorful place. The water and sky have the most amazing colors. The shades of blues are so clear they singe an indelible image on your brain. It's hard to forget even when you are back in the city. The water combined with the pink sand - and it really is pink - make for the most incredible picture. If you saw it in a painting, you would assume the artist took artistic license and exaggerated the hues. But it is real and beautiful.

 The colors change with the season - not in the way we are accustomed to seeing change such as foliage in New England, but the light makes the colors of nature change from the sun's angle. The air is softer now too - maybe it's the imagination, but there is a change if ever so slight. We love all the colors of the island and will be doing some studies of them throughout our stay.  We thought we'd start and end with the beach. Check our facebook page for daily photos - a picture-a-day while we're away!