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Charleston Bed in Kalamkari

In January of 2023, we teased a new showroom! Some of you guessed it - we've rooted ourselves in Dallas! What better a way to kick off our new location, than highlighting some of favorite designers.  

First on the list - Avrea & Company, a Dallas based interiors firm with projects all over the country. Avrea & Company was founded by Ashley Avrea Cathey, an industry veteran and native Texan. Ashley and her growing firm have honed their expertise on perfecting American style in the home. Their vision is to incorporate modern sensibilities and everyday practicality. Think timeless style with cutting edge technology, upscale interiors that can stand up to family. 

For Avrea & Co., the client is always right – right in the center of knowing that the firm will never veer from collaborating and interpreting – affirm’s the client’s vision and point of view. The philosophy is to listen, assess and understand the specific needs of each client. That process allows a delivery of an expected – blended with an unexpected – sense of upscale design that ensures client/firm alignment.

Saybrook Lantern


Custom home furnishings are present in every project. While, oomph isn't always on point for all of Avrea & Co's project, we have been able to create a few custom upholstery, custom lighting, and custom cases for a number of their projects. Our American-made furniture is completely aligned with their luxury interiors, and high end projects. We are thrilled every time they look to us for their custom interiors. 

Wave Platform Bed

Tini Rugby Chest

With projects all over the country, the firm's portfolio is a great study in American design. From Montana to Florida, and just about everything in between, the firm's incredible capability to create an eclectic and comfortable home that is indicative of the environment. 

For even MORE of their portfolio visit AVREA INTERIORS