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Art That Makes Us Happy

Here at oomph, we want nothing more that to bring beautifully crafted furnishings and accessories into your home. Designs that are timeless and inspired, but also vibrant and visually appealing. Custom Upholstery, high-gloss furniture, luxury lighting, are all part of the mix. But even when a little oomph goes a long way, you still need those finishing touches. Enter Art. 

For the past several years - since we opened our Greenwich store and showroom - we have curated art from artists both known and unknown to complement our high-end furniture collection. Using our wall space as a gallery, we have been able to showcase works both large and small of varying mediums - making it easy for anyone to bring art into their home. 

Accessible, affordable, and impactful has always been the goal when curating. But above all, we want works that are going to spark joy for our clients (and us!). Repeat - buy art you love - not necessarily what matches your room (fabric, color scheme, etc.) Living with art should be a representation of you and your inner sanctum. One single piece of art can speak volumes and ignite a deeper understanding about a person (or place.)

Whether it's statement art for you living Room:

Dining Room:

Nursery decor:

Even a pop in the Kitchen!