Leandra Fremont-Smith

Leandra Fremont-Smith, a long time client of oomph, is redefining New England Style, one amazing home at a time. 

Featuring the Fenwick Chart Table

New England style can be "safe", "traditional", a gentle color scheme. Leandra on the other hand, creates traditionally-minded spaces with "unexpected touches of pattern and color." Her words, not ours. We see a designer not afraid to take risks with bold color in unexpected rooms, vibrant patterns and fabrics mixed to perfection, embracing the views, and breathing new life into old, family homes. 

Newport Console

Leandra's inherent passion for color and shape is met with her knowledge for space and function. Leandra is a graduate of Harvard, and studied Architecture at the American University of Paris and the Boston Architectural Center. Each room, space, home Leandra designs is thoughtfully executed to represent her incredible taste and style and the lifestyles of her clients. 

Charleston Platform Bed


Although primarily based in Maine, her work can be seen throughout the northeast and beyond as well as features in National Publications. 



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