Kerri Pilchik

The story is hardly unique. A major career pivot; a dormant talent brought to life; recognition for all your hard work by national, regional, and industry leaders alike! This is the portfolio of Kerri Pilchik, an environmental Law expert, turned Interior designer - and we are so glad she did!

Easton Mirror

Armed with a law degree from Georgetown, Kerri spent her much of her career representing some of the largest real estate developers and Museums in New York City in as their council in environmental law. It was during this time she developed a critical eye for design, editing, and the nuts and bolts of quality craftsmanship.

With this new skill set humming in the background, Kerri officially enrolled at NYSID and received her Certificate in Design. After 14 years of NYC Law, she was putting her design education to use, and finally started her own firm in 2021.

Today, she is booked solid with projects up and down the East Coast. Her work has been recognized but industry leaders, national publications, and discerning local media the like. Her work is nothing short of perfection and nothing brings us more joy than flipping through her portfolio, one great property at a time! 

oomph has been thrilled to be a part of many of her projects. From custom upholstery to tini tables, case goods to custom builds. You can all thank Kerri for bringing our best-selling Capri Tall & Skinny Mirror to life. What started as a custom sizing for a Hampton bathroom, became a permanent fixture in our line. 

Tall Skinny Capri Mirror

Upholstered Scallop Slipper Chairs

Charleston Platform Bed

Kerri is known for design with bold color and pattern used in a classic, clean and chic way. Her ability to create both dynamic and quiet moments and to mix traditional with modern elements is what clients express draws them to KPD.