Home Office Desks in Peale Green

With more and more businesses allowing employees to work from home, it’s important to have a dedicated space to get your tasks done. So why not buy a desk that will stand the test of time? oomph's designer desks come complete with high-gloss lacquer, beautiful work surfaces, and elegant hardware that fits the personality of your space. Whether you're bringing work home from the office, writing your heart out, crafting a novel, or managing your household, an effortlessly stunning piece of luxury furniture can't hurt. Our high end desks have been crafted down to the most exquisite detail for functionality and impeccable style. Need luxury home office furniture to fit your space just so? A custom designer desk is an ideal option for you: a chic furniture piece precisely crafted to fit your specifications.

Dreaming of a coral desk? You won't find those just anywhere, but at oomph, we have them in stock—and an array of other perfectly polished shades—guaranteed to bring life and sparkle to your space.

Our Secretary Desk combines old-world premium furniture function with contemporary style and, as always, an unexpected burst of color to lighten up your next task and store your ephemera in style. For a more streamlined look, the Chelsea Desk offers some traditional features while keeping the look lean and light. And the Nina Campbell Enid Desk adds unmistakable luxury to your space, whether you're in the market for a high-end office desk or a spacious vanity. Search by color or style to find the match for your space.


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