Capri Classic Platform Bed




almond prisma

almond prisma

bermuda prisma

blossom prisma

cadet prisma

club navy linen

coral prisma

denim prisma

fern prisma

flannel prisma

glacier prisma

grass prisma

ivory prisma

mandarin prisma

nickel prisma

New York Blue Linen

oyster linen

peacock prisma

peony prisma

pool prisma

seafoam prisma

sky prisma

spring green prisma

stone prisma








almond welt

almond welt

bermuda welt

blossom welt

cadet welt

coral welt

denim welt

fern welt

flannel welt

glacier welt

grass welt

ivory welt

mandarin welt

navy welt

nickel welt

New York Blue Welt

oyster welt

peacock welt

peony welt

pool welt

seafoam welt

self welt

sky welt

spring green welt

stone welt


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Twin:  40W x 78D x 60H - TWIN COM: 7.5 yards and 2 Yards Welt

Queen:  60W x 78D x 60H - QUEEN COM: 15 yards and 3 Yards Welt

King:  80W x 83D x 60H - KING COM: 16 yards and 4 Yards Welt

Business at the Top, Party at the Bottom!

The beautiful Capri Bed comes in two headboard styles - this one is straight across, clean lines, while the detail belongs to the platform. Available in all three sizes.

Made in America.